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Plone 5: Modern, Powerful, and User-driven

Plone 5 is ~20 years of stability wrapped in a modern, powerful user-centric package. It continues to set the pace for content management systems by offering the most functionality and customization out of the box.

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HTML5 Responsive Theme

Plone 5's new default theme, Barceloneta, is responsive out the box to work with the full range of mobile devices and is written using HTML5 and CSS3.

"Green Bar" Replaced with More Powerful Toolbar

The new toolbar consolidates the personal menu and Plone's longstanding "green bar." The toolbar can be positioned on the left or top of the browser window. With its optional icon text labels, the toolbar gives editors more screen space to focus on what matters: their content.

The Gold Standard in Web Editors

Plone 5 comes with TinyMCE 4, the gold standard in WYSIWYG web editors. Coupled with new tools to insert links and images, it's easier than ever to craft and customize content.

Through-the-Web Theming with LESS

The Diazo theming engine supports LESS and the new theming control panel lets you compile LESS using just your web browser. Plone 5 makes extensive use of Patternslib ("Mockup") to create and assemble user interfaces using modern, tested, accessible JavaScript UI elements.

Social Media Integration

Plone 5 content shines when you share, with its included Facebook OpenGraph meta tags and Twitter card support.

Chameleon Templating Engine

Plone 5 sites are 15%-20% faster now with the new Chameleon templating engine, a fully backwards-compatible replacement that works with existing templates.

Bulk Content Editing

Perform bulk operations to add multiple files and images at once, assign keywords, apply workflow, rename, cut, copy, and delete. Use query filters to quickly find, sort, reorder, and select specific content.

Cross Site Request Forgery Protection

Security is never an afterthought. Plone 5 includes automatic CSRF (cross-site request forgery) protection and is the only content management system with CSRF protection integrated into the database layer. This automatic protection extends to the add-ons installed on your site.

Combined with its default use of the ZODB, a NoSQL database, Plone 5 is neither subject to SQL injection attacks nor vulnerable through less-carefully crafted add-ons, both are common attack vectors against other content management systems.

Accessible to the Visually Impaired

Plone 5 continues to fulfill the promise of maximizing the user experience by ensuring full accessibility compliance to the highest standards with support for WCAG 2.0 (level AA), WAI-ARIA, and ATAG 2.0.


Plone 5 is multilingual out of the box. Its user interface comes with more than 40 language translations and tools to add new translations.

Migration, Documentation, and an API

Plone 5 includes the "plone.api," an elegant and simple application programming interface through which you can develop and extend Plone's functionality. Also included are a migration guide and in depth documentation for content editors, site administrators, designers, deployers, and developers.

Built with Passion

Plone is 100% Open Source, and owes its success and long term stability to the diverse and dedicated members of its community. In the Plone community you'll find expertise on content and content management, and a culture dedicated to sharing those skills and talents.

Everything about Plone is in the documentation; GitHub repositories; Plone community forums, chat rooms, and mailing lists. The official Plone documentation is created and maintained by the community for content contributors, developers, site administrators, and designers. Additional support is provided by numerous service providers.

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